Friday, October 10, 2014

Make that little useless part of our closet very useful again with organizing your paper wrap!

Color code your cute paper clips to keep your items sorted by quick site - or just do it for the flair of it all!

When you are unsure of how your collage of many items will look on the wall - use cut outs the right size and tape them on - to keep yourself from making a lot of unwanted holes or being very unhappy with the outcome!

Cute cereal box decorated for mailboxes for kids - you don't just have to do this at Valentines - kids love year round crafts!

My latest wreath creation for my back door - simple and adorable. To make you need a roll of Deco Mesh, a wreath frame with ties and embellishments. 

This is a sweet gift to give or a keepsake for your own home - using initials are a very popular trend of today - this makes a special treasure

Many things you can design with your little one's foot! 

Can't get more simple than this - pretzel ring, chocolate kiss - put in the oven or microwave until the chocolate melts then add the m & m to the soft middle!

Kids love easy craft ideas with grandma - these are just plastic cups with markers and battery operated lites - so cute and easy!
What a precious keepsake from your children or grandchildren!