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Friday, July 12, 2013

How to Style a bookcase

Common Kitchen Measurements

Butterfly Cake

How to make a round cake into a butterfly:)

Inside out Chocolate Strawberries

Inside Out Chocolate Strawberries! Sit in egg carton while chocolate dries and no more crumbling chocolate when you take a bite.

Too Much Sun?? Sunburn relief with aloe vera ice cubes!

3 day detox

Have you been indulging too much on all of these amazing recipes and more?
Try a 3 day detox

Fitted Sheets magic fold for storage

Folding fitted sheets used to drive me crazy until I learned this trick! Also - after you fold, slide then entire set into one of the pillowcases for easy storage and to keep the set together.

Summer Theme Parties!

What a cute summer party idea! Summer is a fun time to have many types of parties and what makes a party extra special - the theme or ambience of the fun time! Check out these many cute ideas for parties...